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For the project manager, visibility into job details is vital for smart decision making. Construction Partner delivers all the information you need in an easy-to-understand format. Budgets, actuals, variances, committed costs, labor details, estimated cost at completion and much more is quickly available for one work item, an entire job or for all projects.

Construction Partner System Features

Up-to-Date Job Costs - Complete integration of all Construction Partner modules ensures that job costs are always up-to-date. Costs associated with labor, materials, equipment, subcontracts and change orders automatically flow to Job Costing with no extra effort on your part.
More About Job Costing

Comprehensive Job Cost Reporting - No matter what information you need about your job, Construction Partner has a report for it. Create instant reports that give you a comprehensive view of a project in progress and the insight needed to keep your jobs on time and on budget. Flexible options let you print reports in summary or detail and in multiple criteria combinations.
More About Job Costing Reports

Easy to Learn, Yet Powerful – Construction Partner is programmed in a logical, organized way to work like you do. Get all of the construction-specific functionality you need to manage your projects, without the complex learning curve associated with other project management software.

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