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As a Residential Contractor, you need accounting and estimating software that helps you stay competitive in the rapidly-changing housing market. Preventing cost over-runs (and protecting profit margins) requires the ability to simplify customer communications and automate job costing. Construction Partner is powerful construction software that is easy-to-implement, easy-to-use and delivers:

  • Accurate and up-to-date job costing with proposed change order tracking
  • Subcontractor agreements, invoice approval worksheets
  • Multiple WIP schedules and comprehensive job reports  
  • Integrated estimating software to automate budget setup
  • Construction documents like AIA billings, retentions, pre-liens, waivers and others
  • Construction-specific payroll that calculates variables like worker’s comp and burdens (even the most complex payrolls become easy)
  • Standard financial reports that are bonding-agent ready (no customization required)

Construction Partner is a complete, integrated software system that is built for your entire team. From accounting and project management to estimating and subcontract control, you can count on Construction Partner to get the job done – easily and efficiently!
Our clients report that the increased productivity realized by using Construction Partner has helped them grow their businesses, keep overhead low and produce higher profits.

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Papich Construction tripled its annual revenues while keeping overhead low and profit margins high. Learn how Construction Partner became an intergral part of the solution.