Construction Accounts Payable Software

Would you pay bills by job if you could? Have you ever forgotten to issue a joint check or have a subcontractor sign a lien release? Have you ever lost track of retentions held? Construction Partner Accounts Payable software makes managing your bills so easy, you'll become a cash management expert.

From a single screen, Accounts Payable allows you to enter all your bills, whether they are for jobs, subcontractors, materials, equipment, work/service orders, office supplies or anything else that needs to be paid. Then, manage those payables to optimize cash flow.

Construction Accounts Payable Software Features

  • Flexible Vendor Setup - Allows default cost-center distribution codes (general ledger account, job, inventory) and several calculation methods for due date and discount date for easy and accurate invoice entry; setup joint-check arrangements and general performance notes for review at time of vendor payment
  • Tracks and Prints Preliminary Notices and Waiver/Lien Releases – Protects your company; supports standard or custom print formats
  • Familiar Spreadsheet Style - Speeds selection of subcontractor payments and retention releases
  • Control Retention - Subcontractor retention is held in separate payable account until release is authorized for payment
  • Flexible Invoice Entry - Provides flexible distribution to any cost center; sales tax, discounts, retention and purchases subject to use tax are tracked
  • Integration Ensures Accuracy of Amount Paid - Integration with Purchasing module allows control and validation of invoice amounts during data entry
  • Tracks Expiration Dates to Remain in Compliance - Subcontractor's Workers’ Compensation, general liability and contractor license are some examples
  • Batch Processing Provides Security and Control - Separate invoice batch files are maintained for each user
  • Convenient/Flexible Payment-Selection Screen Puts You in Control of Payables - Allows individual or group selection by job or vendor; supports manual and joint checks with multiple partial-payment capabilities; supports payments on vendor invoices in one check or separate checks; allows invoices in dispute to be placed on 'hold' until payment issues are resolved
  • Review Open and Paid Invoices Online -Optional display of complete distribution detail for each invoice; archive current invoice history, if desired, for permanent storage and review
  • Supports Multiple Check Forms - Standard or customized formats
  • Easy Check Voiding – Voiding of checks and invoices automatically reverses original cost-center distributions
  • Flexible Aging Reports - Easily selected to match any prior period General Ledger balance
  • Vendor 1099 Forms - Produce forms at any time during the year
  • Robust and Flexible Standard Reports - Multiple report selections are available with generous options for customizing selections of purchase and payment information
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