Automate and Simplify Your Construction Accounting Processes

For bookkeepers and other accounting staff, Construction Partner makes life easier. Construction-specific functionality that works the way you do, and a single entry system that eliminates duplicate data entry, automates activities like Payroll processing and bill paying.

Construction Partner System Features

Single Data Entry - Enter data once in the area of the program that is most logical (such as the contact information for a vendor in Accounts Payable) and that data is automatically distributed to all appropriate areas of the program. Integration ensures that you won’t waste precious time entering data more than once.

Robust and Flexible Standard Reports - All the reports you need are available with a few clicks of the mouse. Vendor history, cash requirements schedule, purchases subject to use tax, trial balance and aged accounts payable by vendor or job are just a small sampling of the standard reports available in Construction Partner.

Built-In Government Forms - Regular updates to Construction Partner ensure that government-needed forms are always available and up-to-date. Because these forms are built-in to the program, you’ll never have to hunt them down again. And the data you enter as part of your day-to-day accounting processes will automatically end up on the right form at the right time.

Spend Less Time with Accountants and Auditors - Accountants and auditors are a part of your working life, but the less time you spend preparing data for them, the more time you can spend managing day-to-day tasks. Accountants and auditors consistently tell our clients that the reports generated by Construction Partner are just what they need. Simply print the information requested and you’re done!

Designed Specifically for Construction Firms - If you’ve been struggling to get “generic” accounting programs like QuickBooks® to work the way you do, you’ll appreciate how Construction Partner is organized for Construction. From Payroll timecard entry and Purchasing to AIA billings and Job Costing reports, Construction Partner is designed to support the logical flow of your accounting processes. This isn’t surprising when you consider that the data input methods and report formats have been continually refined for more than 20 years.

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