Construction Partner's commitment to client care is founded on the purpose of providing effective solutions to ensure you get the most from our construction accounting software.

We provide training solutions to ensure your personnel are up and running quickly. And we work with existing clients to train their staff to fully utilize all of the software's functionality and its latest features.

Our live, interactive online training lets you work one on one with an instructor at your own pace. Eliminate the stress of cramming everything into a few days of classes by spreading your training out over several training sessions. We have found that shorter training sessions, with time to practice in between, is the most effective way to learn. Ninety days of training are included in your purchase, and your next training session will be scheduled at the end of each session.

Our training consultants have the experience and know-how to integrate Construction Partner accounting software into your business's computer systems and networks, from old DOS systems to state-of-the-art networks.

Our training program enhances the relationship between Construction Partner, your business and your personnel.

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