About Construction Partner

Construction Partner, the complete and simple construction accounting software, is backed by our commitment to excellence, in both our product and our customer service.

We understand the construction business from top to bottom, and are extremely well versed in construction accounting. The staff of Construction Partner. make available to you the skills and professionalism demanded in today's tough contracting environment.

Our personnel come from all levels of the construction industry -- from executives with Stanford University Masters' Degrees in Construction Management to employees with school-of-hard-knocks construction office skills, whose insight helps keep our product grounded in the reality of the construction industry.

We are devoted to your success in the construction industry. We demonstrate our commitment to your success through helping you successfully install our construction accounting software with minimal disruption to your work, by helping you import your data and by ensuring that the whole system is operational very quickly, and by training your staff and supporting your staff in their efforts to understand and use the software.

We strive to deliver the highest possible level of service to our customers. For over 20 years we have built a loyal client base by providing everything you need and want from a complete accounting software solution. Construction Partner really is the simplest solution for complex construction accounting.







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