Construction Accounts Receivable Software

Have you ever missed a deadline when getting out a contract billing, forgot to include a Waiver and Release or overlooked billing retention? Are joint checks or AIA billings a major hassle? Construction Partner Accounts Receivable is designed to handle your industry-specific receivables issues.

No matter what type of billings, payments or answers you need, Accounts Receivable produces the timely and accurate results you are looking for. Construction Partner actually makes billing easy – and fun!

Construction Accounts Receivable Software Features

  • Supports Four Types of Job Billings - Progress, Unit Cost, Cost Plus and Lump Sum
  • Review Open and Paid Invoices Online for Fast Answers - Optional display of complete distribution detail for each invoice; archive current invoice history for permanent storage and review
  • Easy Payment Voiding - Voiding of payments and invoices automatically reverses original cost-center distributions
  • Flexible Aging Reports - Easily selected to match any prior period General Ledger balance
  • Apply Payments to Multiple Invoices - Overpayments can be applied to a customer "cash-on-deposit" account for application to future invoices
  • Supports Joint Check Payments – Apply to open customer invoices, as well as automatic credits to the joint-check vendor account
  • Easy Setup of Tax Defaults – Sales tax districts and sales tax rates can automatically default to customer invoices
  • Flexible Invoice and Statement Formats Meet All Requirements - Supports standard or custom formats for all types of billings; allows creation of multiple formats for each type of billing
  • Prints AIA Invoices - Use preprinted forms or blank paper
  • Supports Easy Markup on Cost-Plus Billings - Generates display of actual costs to be included for selection and markup; markup may be automatically generated or assigned to individual cost items
  • Flexible Unit-Price Billings - Allows entry of period quantities, fixed amounts or percent of total billable line item
  • Print Standard AIA Progress Billings or Custom Format - Customized format supports use of your standard company letterhead forms
  • Flexible Lump-Sum Billing Formats - Provides "free form" presentation of billing items with multiple lines of description; setup recurring invoices for routine monthly billings; finance charges calculated on request
  • Integration Ensures Control and Accuracy - Integration with the other Construction Partner accounting software modules ensures that your billings are complete and accurate
  • Robust and Flexible Standard Reports - Multiple report selections are available with generous options for customizing selections of billing and cash-receipts information; prints customer labels with filtered customer selections
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