Construction General Ledger Software

Your accountant, bank or bonding agent asking for current financial statements? Construction Partner General Ledger gives you the freedom to provide accurate financial statements whenever you need them.

Bundle your financials with the Job Profit Summary (over/under billings), Aged Payables and Aged Receivables and you'll have a complete financial package to maintain a successful business. Best of all, these reports can be printed for any time period, whether this month, last month, last year or whenever -- with no limitations.

Construction General Ledger Software Features

  • Multi-Company Support - Whether you have one or more companies (up to 99 companies) to manage, Construction Partner streamlines your accounting processes
  • Define Sub-Accounts within any Account - Provides flexibility, control and efficient auditing of all cost-center transactions
  • Create Annual Budgets for Accounts and Sub-Accounts - Easily spread over each fiscal period
  • Post to the Prior Year Automatically - Update current-year balances
  • No Period or Fiscal-Year Closing Requirements - Gives you the most flexibility
  • Customize Financial Statements - Format the way you want (with optional consolidation of companies)
  • Save Transactions and Account Balances Indefinitely - Always available for future review and auditing
  • User Controlled Posting to Fiscal Periods - Gives you great flexibility; a simple, one-step procedure re-posts a journal to a different accounting period
  • Account Setup Allows Restricted Use of Account by Cost-Center Transactions - Ensures accuracy and reduced year-end audit time
  • Support for Recurring Journals - Journals may be specified for automatic reversal in the following accounting period
  • Automatically Post to General Ledger in One Step From Any Other Accounting Module - Streamlines and simplifies accounting processes
  • Single-Process Bank Reconciliation of all Check Disbursements, Deposits and Bank-Generated Transactions - Learn it once, use over and over
  • Online Review of Account Balances at End of All Accounting Periods - Great visibility into what's happening
  • Robust and Flexible Standard Reports - Generate reports for internal auditing, job control and your accountant
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