Construction Accounting Software Reviews and Testimonials

"I'm not a person who likes change. I was fighting the change to Construction Partner, but now, looking back on it, it is the best thing the company has ever done. It has simplified my work, everything is at my fingertips—it's so easy to print out different types of reports. It's just really helped with all the paperwork we need to get and do jobs. I can't say enough about it!"

"Everything is right here at your fingertips. It’s priced very reasonably for what it does, compared to other programs out there with a much higher price."
– Diane, Treasurer, Radiant Electric

“I consider Construction Partner one of the best investments I have made since I went into business. I know exactly where I stand on all my jobs. I no longer daydream about how much profit I’ll be making, and then get disappointed, or have sleepless nights because I “feel” a job is a loser. I can go to Job Costing and know exactly where I am.

Because of the other features of your software, I have saved money on such things as certified payroll reports, taxes (we actually stopped having my CPA review our quarterly returns), and other tasks that are easier to do.

We are a contractor with limited accounting skills. But using your software has been straightforward and intuitive.”
–John, Owner, Drywall/sheetrock Specialty Contractor

"You have up-to-date, almost daily, information on job costing—so if the guys are looking at how they’re doing on a particular job, they can pull up that job and make changes, adapt—it does have an effect on profits."
- Sheri, Office Manager, Walter M. Coffman, Inc.

"If you want to look at reports from job costing, you can see if you've estimated enough for certain things, see if things are taking longer man hour-wise or material-wise. You can count on your information being right."

"I've been using this software for 10 years. They set me up in one day; I've had one day of training, and I think I’ve called them with questions 10 times since—in ten years. I love my software!"
– Jennifer, Bookkeeper Concrete Formwork Contractor

"We had an IRS audit - and I had to go back several years to see if I could still pull info, and I was able to do that, and that was very helpful.

Any time we need to get bonds, for example, and they need financial info from us - in the past we would need to scramble to come up with something. Here, all I have to do is print financial statements and it's right there. That's helped us quite a bit.

I have lots of audits at the end of the year, and they always comment on how easy everything is to read. for my workers' comp audit, I print a report for the whole policy period - they're in and out quickly.

Customer service is absolutely fabulous. Whenever I call or e-mail, I have an answer instantly."
- Julie, Accounting Manager, Tile Subcontractor

“We have been using Construction Partner for three years. The software is very easy to learn, simple to use, and all modules are integrated so you can obtain the same data from different modules. With Construction Partner, we manage cash flow better. Before, we’d often pay the same invoice twice without even realizing it. The checks and balances feature of the program won’t let you make that mistake. With the service billing module, we’re not missing jobs.”

We have always received outstanding customer support and continue to be very happy with Construction Partner.”
– Ed, Development Company in Ohio

“Simplicity is the key. Construction Partner is a great package because it is so user-friendly. The customer support we have received has been outstanding! Construction Partner came out to install the software and trained our team, and in three days time, everyone was up and running. I found it incredible that in such a short time, we were actually productive using the software. Your annual maintenance fee is incredibly low.”
– Ken Stauffer, Galaxy Glass and Stone

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