Construction Labor Compliance Software

For contractors or subcontractors working on public works projects covered by the Federal Davis-Bacon Act or State Prevailing Wage Laws, fulfilling labor compliance reporting requirements can be a time-consuming yet unavoidable chore.

Construction Partner has built-in Labor Compliance features that make reporting easy and accurate. Minimize the time and effort needed to produce compliance documents – and avoid errors in the process. A wide range of both print and online reporting options are supported to give you the flexibility you need to stay in compliance.  

Construction Labor Compliance Features

  • Automatically Create All Required Compliance Reports - Saves valuable time
  • LCPtracker Online Reporting Options - Support for LCPtracker, an online labor compliance reporting system used by over 200 agencies and 7,500 contractors, enables you to submit certified compliance reports through a Web interface, which eliminates the need to enter any data twice and gets you paid faster
  • Federal Forms - Automatically generates Department of Labor Form WH-347 Payroll Certification, Form WH-348 Statement of Compliance and Statement of Non-Performance and EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) forms
  • Print Statement of Compliance Form - Support by job includes standard formats (Department of Labor) and custom formats
  • Online Support for Most Certified Payroll Systems - Automates the data collection and reporting process
  • Integration – Tight integration with the Service Billing/ Work Order and Job Costing modules eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures reporting accuracy
  • Generate Payroll and Reporting from the Same Data - Print reports for any current or previous payroll period or for one or more jobs
  • Continuously Enhanced with New Formats - If you don’t see the option you need, we’ll work with you to stay in compliance

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