Job Costing Reports

Reports print by: open, closed or all jobs, by category, phase, cost code, change order, budgets, actual cost, job-to-date, fiscal period, transaction date, vendor, customer, subcontracts, equipment, labor, burden, material, and other costs--in summary or detail, and in multiple combinations.

  • Job Cost to Budget Comparison - Displays each job line item with budgeted cost, selected-period cost, total cost, and remaining budget for each cost type. Summary totals at the end of each job group the values by cost type. The selected-period costs may be a single month or a range of months.
  • Job Committed Cost Status - Uses actual costs to-date, plus outstanding committed costs to determine the remaining budget for each line item. The projected cost variance based on estimated cost at completion is also displayed for each line item.
  • Cost Proposal Status Listing - All cost proposals entered in the cost-proposal log are displayed with their current status (e.g., pending approval, approved, contract updated by change order, rejected). This printed log provides control over extra job costs, ensuring that the values are eventually incorporated into the contract.
  • Line Item Billing Comparison - Compares costs to-date with billings to-date within each phase of the contract. Variances are displayed indicating whether costs are over or under the billings to-date.
  • Period Cost/Income Summary - A straightforward summary of all job costs, billings and associated budgets for a selected range of fiscal periods. The values are summarized by cost type for all line items in the job. This report is very useful at fiscal year-end to provide necessary information for work-in-progress reports.
  • Job Cost Detail - A comprehensive history of all job-cost transactions. Displays the cost distributions with references to the posting journal and fiscal period. Displayed values include material units, labor and equipment hours, and the posted cost. The report may be printed for any range of fiscal periods, job range or job category.
  • Labor Status Report - Focuses strictly on job labor costs. For each line item, the budgeted cost and hours are compared to the actual cost and actual hours used. Variances are calculated for the total projected direct labor cost, labor hours, burden cost and rates per hour.
  • Job Cost Variance Report - Displays each job line item with projected cost at completion and variance to budget. The report can display costs at the end of a selected fiscal period or totals to-date. This is also a very useful worksheet for field supervisors in their review of the job status and determining the projected job costs at completion.
  • Subcontract Status Report - Provides the current contract status for all subcontractors on a job. Lists the subcontractor name, address, telephone numbers, contacts, contractor license number and expiration dates for worker's comp and liability insurance policies and contractor's license. The subcontract budgets are displayed for each job line item along with each payment made to-date, retention withheld to-date and remaining balance.
  • Job Profit Summary - Bonding agents, CPAs, and other financial agencies generally require this report format to make financial decisions based on the profitability status of each job. This is a summary report which displays contract amount, budgeted cost, budgeted and actual gross profit, percent complete, earned revenue, and calculated over/under billings.
  • Job Cash Remaining Summary - The purpose of this report is to present a summary of costs and billings to-date with the anticipated remaining net cash flow for each job.
  • Other Job Cost Reports - Daily Job-Cost Detail, Job-Production Status, Retention Summary, Job Line-Items Spreadsheet, Job-Budget Detail, Job-Description Listing, Job Unit-Cost Analysis.

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