Construction Inventory Reports

Inventory reports print by: material code, material class code, description, vendor, customer, employee, fiscal period and G/L account--in summary or detail, and in multiple combinations.

  • Material Code Listing: This report lists selected individual material items or classes of material items, displaying the current quantity on hand, inventory value and last purchase, as well as invoice prices and dates, standard cost and quantity on order.
  • Inventory History Listing: Inventory transactions may be selected by class, job and work-order ranges, fiscal-period range, or general-ledger account. The report lists the transaction detail, which is summarized for each item by the type of transaction. The net change to inventory quantity and value for the selected fiscal-period range is displayed for each item.
  • Inventory Trial Balance: This is a summary report showing the inventory change during a selected fiscal-period range. It displays the beginning balance of quantity on hand and inventory value, summarized period material receipts and adjustments, sales and transfers, and the ending inventory balance.
  • Vendor Price Book Listing: This is a catalog of selected material information sorted by material code, vendor, vendor part number, or date of change. The report shows the primary and alternate vendors for each material item as well as the last purchase quantity and unit price.

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